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Turning to Crime

Share This: I think I may be having a mid-life crisis. Not the normal sort — I don’t feel any urge to buy a Harley Davidson, have a fling with a tomboy or go to India to find myself. It’s… Continue Reading →

Can you be overproductive?

Share This: I’ve been very productive recently. At least, I think I have. On reflection, maybe I haven’t been productive at all, in terms of visible output. There’s been a book so far this year — After Eden, second in… Continue Reading →

Introducing my newsletter…

Share This: I quite like chatting to people about what I’m up to, and, indeed, finding out what they’re up to. In truth I’m more of an eavesdropper than an interacter when it comes to blogs and FB posts and… Continue Reading →

Off to the Editor!

Share This: Being a writer can be both a blessing and a curse. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who have a multi-book contract, you’re unlikely to have a deadline before you write a book — and that means you’re at the… Continue Reading →

The first reviews for Blank Space

Share This: Blank Space, the first in my Dangerous Friends series, came out on 21st December – not, with hindsight, the smartest time to publish a book, and so it’s hardly surprising that no-one had time to write any reviews… Continue Reading →

Unveiling the Blank Space Book Trailer…

Share This: So, my first venture into self-publishing — the first real one, anyway — is looming large. My romantic suspense novel, Blank Space, will soon be available for preorder, with a release day just the week before Christmas. It’s… Continue Reading →

The Lake Garda Series continues…

Share This: Facebook had a word in my ear this morning, the way it does. I admit that , while I quite enjoy seeing other people’s memories (often they’re post I’ve missed first time round) I find the constant prodding… Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal…Blank Space

Share This: It’s my first book set fully in Edinburgh, my favourite city. It’s my first attempt to extend the boundaries of romantic suspense into the bleak world of tartan noir. It combines hope and despair, pits different values against… Continue Reading →

Covers? A skill too far

Share This: I like to think I’m a quick learner. There are things I can do easily and things I can learn. Technical stuff, for example. I can do that, if slowly and to the accompaniment of a veritable comedy… Continue Reading →

Blank Space – the Blurb…

Share This: Edinburgh. July, just weeks away from a major international summit. When former political activist Bronte O’Hara finds an injured man in the kitchen of her flat, the police seem less interested in finding out who he was and… Continue Reading →

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