Can you be overproductive?

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I’ve been very productive recently. At least, I think I have. On reflection, maybe I haven’t been productive at all, in terms of visible output. There’s been a book so far this year — After Eden, second in the Dangerous Friends series and a follow-up to Blank Space. And…well, that’s pretty much all there is to see tadalafil generique. Not a short story, only a few posts up on this page, and barely a blog post to show.

That isn’t productivity.

And yet I’ve spent my time on my writing. Bronte and Marcus are forging on in book three of Dangerous Friends (provisionally titled A Spring’s Tale and coming your way…well, some time). I’m mapping out their future in the outlines for books four and five in the series, though writing these is some way off. And in between this I conceived and executed another book, women’s fiction/romance, called The Girl in the garden. That one’s at the advanced editing stage. And there are other ideas floating around, too, at least three of them new and another one waiting to be rise like the phoenix¬†from the ashes of one of my literary errors.

And there are other things. There’s the marketing and promotion, the talking to readers, the learning from other writers. There’s the dull but necessary task of keeping up with the technological advances if you’re a self-publisher.

If I were more disciplined I could have produced a lot more, but maybe the ideas would have drifted away. Maybe.
Keep watching, though. There’s more to come.