Introducing my newsletter…

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I quite like chatting to people about what I’m up to, and, indeed, finding out what they’re up to. In truth I’m more of an eavesdropper than an interacter when it comes to blogs and FB posts and there are reasons for that.

Time is one of them: there aren’t enough hours in the day to spend all the time I’d like to spend chatting to my online friends. Technology is another: different platforms don’t seem to talk to one another, and in order to comment I spend half my life logging in and out of different accounts. And then there’s the mystical world of the social media algorithms, which decide what I do and don’t wish to see on my social media feeds, and too often get it wrong. But honestly, world. I am listening, even if you don’t think so.

I particularly like newsletters from my author friends. They mean I can keep up with their news, that the information gets delivered directly to my mailbox and I don’t lose it in the mass of other posts on dear old Facebook.

So I thought I’d try a newsletter myself. Not too often – maybe once a month. News, offers, cover reveals (I have one of those coming up) and everything significant will be in the newsletter before it goes on my website. If you’re interested, sign up – there’s a box on the right hand side of the website and, in a belt and braces spirit, at the bottom, too.