The Lake Garda Series continues…

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Facebook had a word in my ear this morning, the way it does. I admit that , while I quite enjoy seeing other people’s memories (often they’re post I’ve missed first time round) I find the constant prodding at me with my own memories rather annoying. I don’t need it. I’d rather repost from now, not then. I’m one for moving ona nd leaving the past behind.

This morning, however, I was surprised by a prompt. Not because I’d forgotten the event, but because I couldn’t have told you the date. This morning, it appears, is theĀ first anniversary of me signing a contract with Tirgearr Publishing for the first of my Lake Garda series, A Portrait of my Love.

Serendipitously, today is also the day when I can announce that I’ve signed a contract to make that series into a trilogy. Following from Portrait and its sequel Going Back, you can expect Running Man to appearĀ at a digital publisher near you in the autumn.

The book picks up the story of Giorgia Manfredi, privileged and hardworking, trapped in the gilded cage of the family business. When Giorgia’s mugged one evening she’s rescued by jogger Danny Davies and the two are instantly attracted. But why is Danny so reluctant to avoid her family — and why does her brother, Nico, dislike and even fear him?

All the answers will be revealed…in time.